Inventions for you
These are inventions I never plan to patent.
You may be able to make one or more of these yourself.
Have fun, and good luck if you plan to make one.
Email me if you would like me to make you one.
Also contact me for any additional information, or guidance.

I AM ABOUT TO EXPLODE WITH IDEAS. I have thousands of ideas in my head. Security/surveillance of personal property, woodworking tools, home theater reworks, electrical, plumbing, circuit boards, camping ideas, metal fabrication, home improvement, things to use in your vehicle, cooling, heating, all kinds of stuff. Is there a company out there who is willing to sponsor me, and NOT rip me off? I don't want my ideas to go to the grave with me, but I can't make them all happen by myself.

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My new router table fence made from 10/4 poplar. That's 2 1/2 inches thick. I drilled a 4" hole thru it, and cut an arch into the face of it to allow suction thru the front where the action is. I may add a hole thru the table and connect it to the bottom side of the table to suck up the pieces that go downwards. I attached it with draw bolts (for under counter tops). This worked out well, I don't need to hold the bottom while I loosen, or tighten the bolts. It has interchangeable face plates of varying thicknesses too. I run the ands of the face plates past the router bit I am using with the t-square to make a perfect fit around the bits. No place for the piece to slip into the bit this way. This is all mounted right in my tablesaw drop table. I made a t-square channel, and a featherboard chanel. I also wired in a switch so I don't have to open the door to turn the router on and off. The 3 1/4 HP adjustable speed router makes a HUGE difference also.

A closet pole toilet paper roll holder. I just put a small piece of wood on the end to retain the roll, and a 3 inch square on the other end to fasten it to the inside of the door.

This is a bamboo Christmas stocking tree. It is just a bamboo branch shoved tightly through a hole, and glued. I suppose you could use any branch. This is great if you have no fireplace, or mantle to hang stockings from.

This is 2 inch steel exhaust pipe fireplace insert. I had this made at a local muffler shop. I have a 60 CFM fan blowing into the tube, and hot air comes out the other end, as long as there is heat around the pipe. I set the wood right on it. The coals build up around it, and keep it warm for a long time.

Ice chest air conditioner. I saw a few plans for stuff like this last summer, and decided to see what I could do this year. It turns out that the fan fits perfectly in the indent in the lid, and I just had the other stuff handy. We will put as many bags of ice as we can in it, and strap it down in the oven, I mean van.

This is called FLO. Fluorescent Light Only. It is a closet with 6 or more CFL bulbs mounted at the top, with an exhaust fan, and a timer. I bought all the parts at the local hardware store. This can be done in any space 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep by 3 feet tall, or larger. I grow any vegetable I want. Even vine plants. You just have to prune them to keep them under control, and support their branches. Due to demand, I now manufacture a product called the FLO Bar2. It is the light array in a metal reflector that is actually patent pending, and for sale on the following website.

A home made garden rake. This holds up very well. It is just some boards glued and nailed together at an angle. I used 3 inch screws for the tines. They have yet to break after a year of use.

I call this Skyland, or Island in the Sky. It's merely a cabinet suspended from the cieling over the kitchen table. Pictures taken before crown was applied.

This is a hanging headboard. This is not really an invention, just a new way to do an old thing. There is a lot of usable space under it for bedding.

This is the Vertical Hold tool. This is actually patent pending, but I wanted to share it here anyway. It holds up to 3/4 inch thick material in a true vertical position. It will hold a 4'x8' sheet up no problem. I use it to hold smaller things up while I work on them. Doors, shelves, panels, etc. Great for use with router tables.

An older one, which I still use.

This is a jig for making flutes. It makes a neat pointed flute, and totally prevents end burn.

This eliminates the need to walk around my work while I'm finishing. No more twisted/tangled hoses. No more tripping on the hose. No more risking touching a wet piece with hose, clothes, or butt. I can also work in a much smaller area, off to one side. I have much more room to move around without hitting my butt aginst things when squatting.

If you own an Accufence, you probably suffer from crooked cuts, and you may not even know it.

As you use your saw, the piece being cut rubs away the HDPE side runner that came with your Accufence. After a while, there are many different wear spots, and a big one right where you put pressure the most. I use a feather board, which only increased the rate of deterioration. In a matter of 2 months (I own a cabinet shop) it became un-usable.

I came up with an upgrade for the accufence. Watch these videos, and you can see how easy it is to change it to something else. I chose Corian. I wouldn't use anything that could cause your saw blade teeth to chip, or break, etc. No hard metals in other words. I would probably just stay away from metals altogether. They leave marks anyway.

Other materials I reccommend are;
plywood with laminate, laminate both sides to prevent warping
solid wood with laminate (this tends to warp)

This is a follow up video to the Accufence upgrade.

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