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This is a quick video tour of one of my client's dens.

This is a video of wood changing color based on light reflection/refraction.

Some videos of the router table fence I made. It caused my doors to come out a lot better.

This is a video of a "Mocha" colored job before assembly. It looks like chocolate bars.

Our super shallow solid cedar bookshelves.

Using the "Finish turner". I came up with this to avoid walking around things I spray.

This is a how to video for making a bender board form. You create the desired shape, and then you bend the "bender board" around it, or into it, or whatever the case. This is a very small radiused back for an entertainment center. It goes into the wall, and must accomodate a gas fireplace chimney behind it.

This the second phase of the bender board project. This phase you apply the layers of bender board with glue. They dry locked in the desired postion, ready to be worked further.

If you own an Accufence, you probably suffer from crooked cuts, and you may not even know it.

As you use your saw, the piece being cut rubs away the HDPE side runner that came with your Accufence. After a while, there are many different wear spots, and a big one right where you put pressure the most. I use a feather board, which only increased the rate of deterioration. In a matter of 2 months (I own a cabinet shop) it became un-usable.

I came up with an upgrade for the accufence. Watch these videos, and you can see how easy it is to change it to something else. I chose Corian. I wouldn't use anything that could cause your saw blade teeth to chip, or break, etc. No hard metals in other words. I would probably just stay away from metals altogether. They leave marks anyway.

Other materials I reccommend are;
plywood with laminate, laminate both sides to prevent warping
solid wood with laminate (this tends to warp)

This is a follow up video to the Accufence upgrade.